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Does A Clean Office Increase Productivity

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  • 01-12-2022
Does A Clean Office Increase Productivity

Does a clean office increase productivity? Does your office need commercial cleaning? Find out how to boost your workforce productivity with a clean office.

Boost Your Workforce Productivity with a Clean Office

A clean office can have a huge effect on a workforce's productivity. Over the years, there have been various different studies that have been able to identify a link between the productivity of a team's staff and the cleanliness of the work environment.

One of the most recent studies showed that ninety-four percent of workers claimed to be feeling more productive when they were in a clean workspace. 

Seventy-seven percent of workers said that they felt like they produced a higher quality of work when they were working in a clean environment. In a different study, eighty-eight percent of the volunteer respondents said that they felt like their concentration and productivity were affected negatively by an unclean workspace.

How Often Do I Need A Commercial Cleaner?

How Can a Clean Office Boost Productivity?

Employees become Happier

Employees spend a lot of their time at work. In many ways, an office becomes a second home for employees, and their co-workers around them are a second family. 

An office that is clean and organised will make employees feel valued. It shows that the company has high values and allows staff to experience an enhanced level of energy and creativity. 

This boosts productivity. Paperwork is one element which can get out of hand very quickly, which is why having systems in place to ensure that clutter doesn't start taking over the workplace is so important. 

Neat offices lead to employees producing a higher amount of high-quality work, which itself leads to a better sense of accomplishment in staff.

Stimulates Creativity

Even though some creatives might claim that all their mess is part of their process, it has been proven through scientific studies that having huge amounts of clutter only has negative effects on clear and creative thinking. 

When in an office, it is important for the order to be maintained and everything to be kept in its right place. Equipment, documents, stationery, and even computer files need to be kept organised.

Once employees begin to take the time to declutter their workspace, it is likely they will find that they are feeling more relaxed and creative. If the environment all around the office is clean and tidy too, then the entire morale of the company can experience a huge boost.

Mental Focus Increases

Does A Clean Office Increase Productivity?

Reports published by the Harvard Business Review identified that there is a strong link between employees' performance and the physical environment of their workplace. 

Staff can waste a lot of precious time just looking for an important document when working somewhere cluttered and messy. 

At the same time, this is also making the staff member more stressed and frustrated. Research has shown that the physical environment around an employee has an impact on their emotions, cognition, behaviour, decision-making skills, and relationship with others.

Decreases Tension And Stress

Messy and cluttered environments have negative effects on a person's levels of stress and anxiety. The person's brain begins to lose the ability to stay focused, the quality of sleep can lower, and it can even lead to nutritional choices becoming quite poor. 

This can happen whether the person is working from home or in the workplace; a clean space will always create a better working environment and better results.

For a business, having a clean office will not only boost employee morale but will also affect profitability levels. Experts state that the stress that is experienced by employees can lead to various health conditions that can cost companies huge amounts.

Higher Working Time

A clean office also has a positive impact on the productivity of an employee. A clean environment will lead to employees spending more time working rather than fussing around the mess of clutter trying to find specific documents or pieces of equipment. 

Studies have shown that cleanliness will also have an impact on an employee's satisfaction in the workplace. Happier employees will spend more time being productive in the workplace instead of procrastinating and avoiding work or even calling sick into work.

Businesses that try to keep a tidy workplace for their employees have a lot of benefits when it comes to higher productivity, raised profits, higher employee retention, and a much more healthy corporate culture.

Staying Healthy With A Clean Workspace

Staying Healthy With A Clean Workspace

An office that is clean and tidy will also lower the chances of employees becoming ill. There are many potentially harmful bacteria that can thrive in office environments. 

If you can keep workstations clean, then this can prevent germs from spreading all around the office. It can also reduce allergies and lower the number of employees calling in sick and not coming to work.

Aside from physical health, a clean office has a big impact on mental health too. Some staff members can become anxious or stressed quite easily when their environment is messy. Employees tend to thrive in environments that are clean and have a sense of order and consistency.

Less Time Searching For Items

In messy offices, huge amounts of time can be wasted just spent looking for pieces of paper or other items that have gotten lost in all the mess. This can create very frustrating moments for the person who is urgently looking for the item and cannot find it. 

A situation such as this is highly unprofessional and can lead to workers feeling like they are inadequate. In a healthy office environment, work should flow with good structure, and employees should be able to have clarity when it comes to the task they are dealing with. If a workplace is well organised, then the employees should easily be able to work all through the day resulting in an excellent productivity level for the business.

Prevents Injuries

If you take a look at the records of businesses with messy workplace environments, then there are countless cases that relate to people falling and tripping over due to items lying on the floor or spilling boiling hot coffee all over themselves because their desk is so cluttered. 

Having a clean office environment creates a safe space where employees are not likely to hurt themselves due to accidents. It should be easy to move around the workspace without having to avoid tripping on any objects or feeling as though you need to be careful with every step in order to prevent yourself from bumping into something.

Increases Employee Retention Rate

Employees want to feel like they are working for a company that values them and displays high values. No employee wants to be part of an organisation that is chaotic, and they feel like they are just getting lost in all the disorder. 

Employees that enjoy their work environment are much more likely to want to keep their job, as well as have much stronger work relationships with their colleagues.

A high turnover ratio can cost businesses huge amounts of money, as well as a lot of missed revenue. It is important that a company invests in creating a work environment that is tidy and orderly for their employees; this will lead to the company getting better results overall.

A Clean Office Keeps Tools and Equipment in Working Order

One more advantage of having a constantly clean and today office and good organisation systems is that all of the company's tools and equipment will remain in good condition. 

In messy offices, tools and equipment can easily go missing or get buried under piles of other objects and eventually become damaged. In an office, maintenance is key, and this is why cleaning systems are so important. They ensure that an office can consistently stay in good condition for the employees.

Save Time and Energy for Productive Activities

A Clean Office Keeps Tools And Equipment In Working Order

In a tidy office environment, employees will be able to spend more time and more energy on being productive at their work. A cluttered office leads to employees having to spend their important time and energy on hovering around the office while they try to find out what it is that they actually have to be doing and where they should start. 

It can also mean that employees purposely try to spend more time away from their desks and away from their work just to get away from all the mess. A clean office will ensure that staff members can stay focused on their work without having all the extra distractions.

Clean Office Increases Profits And Saves Money

A clean office will lead to higher profits simply due to the employees being much more productive. It will save the company money due to missed workdays being lowered and replacement workers not having to be hired when situations go awry. 

Money will also not be spent on replacing tools and equipment that have gotten lost in all the mess or become damaged due to the chaotic environment. 

There will also be no wasted money spent on time when employees are not doing work and just rifling through the clutter trying to find the necessary paperwork. 

A tidy workplace can easily be achieved just by implementing cleaning systems that can be practised every day in order to stop any mess or clutter from getting out of hand. As long as everyone in the office puts effort into this, the workspace will stay clean.

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