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End of Tenancy Cleaning
Caernarfon, Anglesey and Gwynedd

Are you looking for end of tenancy cleaning in Caernarfon, Anglesey and Gwynedd?

Are you a landlord or a tenant requiring a professional cleaning service? We offer deep cleaning services for rental accommodation throughout Caernarfon, Anglesey and Gwynedd.

Our end-of-tenancy cleaning Services

Anglesey Commercial Cleaning offers high-quality lease cleaning services to those in Gwynedd, Wales . We have an incredibly talented, experienced team ready to provide any deep cleaning or specialist services you like regarding residential, commercial spring cleaning or professional end-of-tenancy jobs. 

At our company, our local cleaners pride ourselves on offering our clients and customers the most competitive and affordable prices for results of the highest industry standards that you won't see at other cleaning companies. 

Moving out of rented buildings, flats, or houses can be incredibly stressful, as there are so many aspects to plan and organise. 

Here's what we can offer:

Kitchen cleaning

Bathroom and toilet cleaning

Carpet cleaning

Bedroom cleaning

Hallway and stairs cleaning

Floor cleaning

Doors and skirting board cleaning

Gutter and patio cleaning

Lounge cleaning

Our skilled tenancy cleaning team of experienced and certified cleaners can perform high-quality end-of-tenancy, which many landlords will often encourage you to have done by a professional tenancy cleaning company like ourselves. 

We'll help take the pressure off during this stressful time and ensure that the property sparkles so much you can guarantee you get your full deposit back. 

Give us a call today for further information or to discuss your requirements. We'll perform an on-site visit to get a feel for the scale, property details and your needs to provide an accurate quote. Our contact details are available on the website, including our company phone number and email address.

Kitchen Cleaning 

Whether commercial or domestic cleaning, the kitchen is an essential aspect of any home or fully insured property. Anglesey Commercial Cleaning professionals will ensure we scrub and wipe down the following: 

We'll thoroughly scrub down kitchen cabinets and doors. All the insides of the cupboards and drawers will be professionally cleaned, removing any leftovers or waste.  Our staff will clean taps and sinks, being sure to remove any debris or limescale and polish to leave it gleaming. 

Our cleaning teams will wash, scrub and polish all breakfast bars, countertops and work surfaces to leave them free of dirt or stains.  

We will scrub, sweep, mop or hoover the floors. 

The oven is a big job, and therefore, our cleaning technicians will externally and internally scrub it with deep oven cleaning to ensure there is no leftover burnt food, grime or built-up grease.  

The efficient, professional cleaners will take the time to wash, dust and polish the skirting boards, tiles with wall-spot cleaning and light fittings to rid of any dust or grime.  We'll clean the insides and outsides of washing machines, microwaves, fridges, freezers and dishwashers.  

Finally, we'll ensure the bin is free of rubbish and cleaned inside and out.

End of Tenancy. Before

End of Tenancy. Before

End of Tenancy. After

End of Tenancy. After 

Bedroom Cleaning 

Our End of Tenancy Cleaning service staff will clean each bedroom in your home or property, ensuring we cover the following: 

Our move-out cleaners will clean all doors and windows and their frames, ensuring we don't leave until they shine! 

We ensure any left bedroom furniture is cleaned or wiped over inside and outside. Your light fittings will be cleaned to ensure they sparkle for your new tenants. Wardrobes, cupboards, shower cubicles and cabinets are cleaned inside and out to perfection. 

We thoroughly vacuum your carpets or mop wood floors, ensuring we get underneath beds and furniture. We offer professional steam cleaning for all carpets to lift the dirt or dust out from the hard-to-reach areas.  

Finally, we dust and polish any pictures and mirrors and thoroughly wipe across the skirting boards.

Bathroom Cleaning 

Our cleaning team are skilled at ensuring your bathroom is left spotless, and you'll receive zero complaints by completing the following brilliant jobs: 

We ensure that the floor, tiles and shower screen and deep cleaned, disinfected and polished. 

Our staff will wash and scrub the bath, drain and toilet, being sure to disinfect them all.  Any cupboards, fittings or fixtures will be deep cleaned, inside and out. 

We'll clean the mirrors. 

All skirting boards will be dusted, wiping away any scuffs as best as possible. 

Doors and windows will be wiped clean, and frames will be polished. We also perform exterior window cleaning.  

Our team will also ensure the light fittings get cleaned. 

Lounge Cleaning

When it comes to your lounge or living room area, we can perform the following: 

We'll ensure your doors and windows are thoroughly wiped down and polished around the frames. 

We'll sweep and mop any wood flooring and vacuum any carpets; if you're leaving any furniture, we'll move them to get under any chairs, tables and sofas.  

If you intend on leaving furniture, our staff will wipe it all down for you, cleaning it inside and out. Our team will remove any throw pillows and cushions to ensure every inch of the remaining furniture is cleaned. 

We'll clean any left DVDs, computers, TVs or electronic equipment that is not yours or that you do not intend on taking.  

Our cleaners will clean your mirrors or pictures left by yourself or the landlords.

Hallway and Stairs Cleaning

These are the combined services we can complete on your stairs and hallways: 

We'll vacuum your hallways and staircases, making them look immaculate and clear If you have more wood flooring than carpet, we can mop the stairs and halls. 

Our rental cleaners will thoroughly wipe along the skirting boards to free them from lingering dust.  

We'll wipe down any light fittings in your hallways to free them of dust and make them shine.

Gwynedd and Anglesey Area's We Cover

If you are looking for end of tenancy cleaning in Gwynedd, Anglesey and the surrounding areas, contact our experts today. We work throughout Gwynedd and Anglesey including the following:

  • Bala
  • Barmouth
  • Bethesda
  • Blaenau Ffestiniog
  • Caernarfon
  • Criccieth
  • Dolgellau
  • Harlech
  • Nefyn
  • Porthmadog
  • Pwllheli
  • Tywyn
  • Amlwch
  • Beaumaris
  • Holyhead
  • Llangefni
  • Menai Bridge

Please Note: If you location isn't specified here, please feel free to get in contact with us as we maybe able to cover your local area.

End of Tenancy Cleaning for Tenants

Suppose you're moving out; Anglesey Commercial Cleaning professionals can do the utmost to take all the hassle away from ensuring your previous home looks just as it did when you first came to have a look around, and your tenancy began. 

Our team are specially trained cleaners and have been fully equipped to perform thorough all-around cleaning to help you retain your tenancy deposit and spend less on the moving out process. 

On request, we can offer additional tasks and if you require any specific cleaning completed, feel free to ask, and we'll be happy to help do a thorough job.

End of Tenancy Cleaning for Landlords

If you're a landlord and need a rental property cleaned from top to bottom and ready for the next tenants, make Cahill Industrial Cleaning your number one choice. Using the latest products combined with our tried and tested cleaning techniques we can produce exceptional results.

Our fantastic, experienced cleaners at CIC can successfully help landlords prepare your household, flat or property to welcome new tenants, making sure it looks pleasant and glittering with promise! 

If you find that your premises need a minor fixing up, our company offers efficient, high-quality handyman services to repair anything you require before newbies move in. Contact us today, and we'll provide a free quote and discuss how best we can be of help and do you a professional job.

End of Tenancy Cleaning for Estate Agents

At Anglesey Commercial Cleaning, we work closely with property management agencies and well-known estate agents to deal with the cleaning of various flats, homes and buildings after tenants move out before others move in. 

Our excellent partnerships allow us to demonstrate our services on the agent's best properties so that they can present these new flats and homes in the best possible light. We use our skills of cleaning and scrubbing all over to ensure that it will entice clients into new homes with ease!

Why Do You Need End Of Tenancy Cleaning?

For tenants renting homes around your local area, you want to ensure that your entire deposit gets returned to you by your letting agency or landlord at the key pick-up time after moving out of the place. 

You must leave the flat, house or rented property in an orderly, clean condition, as this is what is stated in your rental contract, and if failed to do so, you may not receive your security deposit back.

According to recent studies, more than half of current legal disputes concerning property deposits come down to unclean or unkempt property. 

You can choose to do the deep clean yourself as the tenant; however, hiring a professional cleaning company like our tenancy cleaning program can guarantee that your property will be left in a neat, tidy and superbly clean state before leaving. You can rest assured that you will undoubtedly get your deposit back due to our fantastic job. 

End of Tenancy. Before

End of Tenancy. Before

End of Tenancy. After

End of Tenancy. After 


Generally, the final cost of cleaning your property, household or flat when your tenancy has finally come to an end will depend on several factors. For example, the aspects that may impact your tenancy cleaning prices may include the size of your home, the number of rooms or areas you need cleaning and if you have any specialist cleaning services that you require. 

Here is a list of some average, reasonable prices you may come across; these will be different for every cleaning service company. The tenancy cleaning costs may vary depending on the additional or special services you ask for, alongside any parking fees:

A studio flat can start from £99.00 

One bedroom can start at £126 

Two bedrooms can start at £143 

Three bedrooms can start from £181 

Four bedrooms start at £203 and so forth. 

Contact us today for a free quote and discuss your end-of-tenancy requirements and potential parking permits. 

We do not recommend booking combined services within very short notice; please ensure you book your end of tenancy clean with enough planning time. We're the best cleaning service for all Gwynedd customers.

At the end of our end-of-tenancy clean, our team of cleaners will ensure the property is left clean, free of clutter and completely tidy ready for the arrival of the new tenants. 

Our quick services include kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom core cleaning alongside other general cleaning or additional requests, such as a deep clean for your carpets. 

However, our services will be as detailed and thorough as possible, and we'll clean virtually anything you require; whatever you need, we'll help clean for you! Rest assured that we'll complete a top to bottom cleaning, ensuring your property is left in a stunning, shiny condition.

Each property is incredibly different, and it can be challenging to keep up the high standards if we set ourselves a specific time frame goal, so we tend to avoid predicting how long our cleaning services will take. It may take us a few hours or even half a day. 

It may be better for us to see the entirety of the property and how many rooms will need a thorough cleaning or if you require any additional services to make a better, more accurate prediction. 

It can be virtually impossible to carry out extensive end-of-tenancy cleans entirely by yourself; we do not recommend this. Many criteria and cleaning conditions must be met before landlords or letting agencies provide you with your deposit. 

Our cleaners have plenty of experience cleaning numerous houses, flats and properties before being inspected at the end of a rental or tenancy agreement. Therefore, we are more familiar we the standards they are looking for. Our teams have dedicated checklists for this purpose. 

To get the most thorough and efficient clean possible, we encourage you to defrost your fridge and freezer approximately 24 hours before leaving the property. Our company's end-of-tenancy cleaners arrive. It can often be challenging to clean a still frozen fridge or freezer thoroughly, so you'll be doing your bit to help us!

Our staff provide a satisfaction guarantee of 100%, and if you ever need a re-clean, we are here to assist with professional carpet cleaning and upholstery. 

We tend to carry out our cleaning duties with the help of a comprehensive checklist that we've refined over the years. The team onboard can guarantee that your property's carpets and upholstery will be left spotless. You'll make a fantastic impression on the newcomers, and you'll successfully get your deposit back. 

We'll arrive successfully at your property with all the necessary materials, professional equipment, and supplies to clear away all leftover waste and scrub all the surfaces, ensuring they are clean for the new tenant's arrival. 

We have our dust and lint filters, soap dispensers, mops, vacuums, brushes, polishing machinery, high-quality cloths and products, etc. All you need to do is allow us access inside your property and clear away personal belongings, and we promise to take complete care of the rest, making the place sparkle for its newcomers. 

Are you looking for  end of tenancy commercial cleaners in Caernarfon, Anglesey and Gwynedd? Find out more about our professional cleaning services.

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