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Frequently Asked Questions

Read our frequently asked questions for commercial cleaning services. Find out more about our carpet and upholstery, end of tenancy cleaning, kitchen deep cleaning and window cleaning.

Carpet and Upholstery

Preventive maintenance helps to prolong your carpet life. It can improve your carpet's overall appearance and reduces the need for complicated, maintained processes. The preventive maintenance process for carpets includes vacuuming, spot removal and using walk-off mats. 

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Steam cleaning is one of the best deep-cleaning methods for carpets. It uses a mixture of hot water and chemicals to clean the dirt and debris that have sunk into the carpet. 

It is recommended for carpets to be cleaned, using a vacuum, around twice a week, and for carpets to be deep cleaned every 6-12 months. 

Steam cleaning works by heating the water past its boiling point, and it is then pushed out through a nozzle, brush or other attachment as pressurised steam. This kills dust mites and cleans dirt, mould, staph and other harmful bacteria. 

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Fridge and Freezer: Remove any grease and grime, clean them all out and wipe the handles. 
Dishwasher: Remove any grease or grime, check the filters and clean the soap dispenser. 
Washing machine: Clean the interior and exterior, the rubber seal and dispenser drawer. 
Microwave: Clean the inside and outside, handle and rotating plate. 
Tumble Dryer: Clean filters and check handles and rubber seal.
Oven: Clean and remove any grease from the oven, hob and grill, grill pan and oven racks and the inner top of the oven. 
Toaster: Remove any crumbs from the outside, inside or underneath of the toaster.
Cupboards and Drawers: Clean the inside and outside of all the cupboards and drawers and handles. 
Rubbish Bin: Dust and clean the top and bottom. 
Sink: Scrub, descale and wipe the sink. Throw away the food debris and dirt and clean around the drain.  
Walls/Tiles: Clean the grout from the wall tiles and the tiles themselves.
Floors and Surfaces: Mop and vacuum the floors and polish the surfaces.

Baths, Toilet, Bidet, Showers: Remove hair from the drain, clean and remove limescale and tiles.
Floor: Mop, vacuum, and scrub the floors. 
Taps and Fittings: Clean, remove any limescale and wipe. 
Sink: Clean the sink, cabinet and soap dispenser. 
Radiator/Towel Rail: Dust the radiators and towel rails, and wipe them down. 
Mirrors and Glass: Polish and clean the mirrors and glass.
Extractor Fans: Wipe down and dust the extractor fans.
Pipework: If accessible, clean the plumbing and pipework behind the toilet. 

Doors: Clean any door marks and wipe the top of all doors and door frames. 
Windows: Remove any fingerprints and clean the inside of the windows and also the window sills.  
Furniture: Wipe down all the smooth surfaces, including tables. Remove any cushions and hoover inside the sofa. Make sure you move any beds, sofas and drawers so you can clean underneath them. 
Woodwork: Dust down and wipe any woodwork. 
Ceiling Fans: Dust any vents and ceiling fans.
Walls: Remove any cobwebs and dust the walls. Accessories: Clean and dust any other accessories, including picture frames and mirrors.
Switches and Sockets: Clean and dust all switches and sockets.

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The length of time it takes to do an end of tenancy clean will depend on the size of the property and how dirty the property is. On average, a 2 bed flat, with only one level, would take 2 cleaners around 5 hours. 

If your tenancy has been signed after 1st June 2019, then charges for a professional clean are no longer included in the tenancy agreement. Tenancy agreements signed after 1st June 2020 state that tenants will no longer be requested to pay for the professional cleaner by the landlords. 

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

There is strict legislation in place to ensure that kitchens meet the necessary hygiene standards. These can be checked at any time by the local authorities, food standards agency, trading standards and environmental health officers. If these standards don't comply with both the food safety act 1990 and the food hygiene regulations 2006, it could result in a loss of business or large fines. 

Unclean kitchens can also cause bacterial contamination, pest infestations and disease spreading, which causes harm to customers and employees. 

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Extractor fans can accumulate grime when used a lot without cleaning. If the filter for the extractor fan isn't cleaned properly, this can massively put possible future tenants off. 

It is recommended to clean your extractor fan every 6 months. You can either clean it yourself or hire a professional cleaner to come and clean it twice a year. This helps the fan work more efficiently, reduces the risk of fires, and improves your kitchen hygiene. 

Rubber Gloves
Disposable Rags, Scrub Pads or Towels
Two Buckets
Disinfectant Spray
Abrasive Scrub Pad
1:1 Vinegar and Water in a Spray Bottle
An Old Toothbrush

Dust and vacuum ledges, windows, light fixtures, above cabinets and more
Descale faucets/showerheads using the vinegar spray bottle
Remove HVAC vent covers and clean them with warm soapy water
Remove any cobwebs and insects from the window screens and vacuum the windowsills
Wipe the ceiling fan blades
Clean up any stains on your carpet or furniture
Wipe any doors and door frames as they are prone to fingerprints and smudges
Sanitise and wipe down the bins, including recycling bins
Deep clean your blinds with the vinegar spray bottle and scrub them thoroughly
Remove all cushions from your couch and chairs and vacuum between the creases and underneath
Empty anything in the drawers and cabinets, vacuum inside and wipe them with cleaning spray and a rag

Window Cleaning

You can experience many problems if you don't keep your windows clean, including:

Poor Curb Appeal
Degrading Quality

The average time periods for cleaning your commercial windows are:

Restaurants: Every 2 weeks
Healthcare Facilities: As often as possible
Retail Stores: Every 2 weeks
Office Building: Every 2 months

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Professional window cleaning includes the following expert equipment:

Window Mops
Long-Reach Handles
Window Scrapers