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How Often Does Upholstery Need Cleaning

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  • 14-06-2023
How Often Does Upholstery Need Cleaning

Have you been asking: how often does upholstery need cleaning? Anglesey Commercial Cleaning provide carpet and upholstery cleaning in Caernarfon, Anglesey and Gwynedd. We look at the types of upholstery cleaning and how often it should be cleaned for homes with children and for homes with pets.

How often do we need to clean upholstery?

A beautiful clean couch is a wonderful asset to have in any home or property. It enhances the environment and makes for a more comfortable experience. However, over time, upholstery can become dirty, especially if you have many people sitting on your couches and chairs every day.

It can be challenging to determine how often you, yourself, need to perform routine cleaning, and when it's best to receive assistance from a professional cleaning team. Here is a brief guide on how to navigate the cleaning of your upholstery. 

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How often should I have my sofa cleaned?

Frequently cleaning your upholstery is the best way to tackle stains, dirt, and dust on your beloved furniture. It will help keep it looking fresh, clean and healthy. You may be aware that some of the dirtiest pieces of your furniture are your sofas and chairs. They receive the most use and the fabric is constantly absorbing dust, grime, and spillages.

Yet how often should you receive a professional cleaning for your upholstery? 

 For Homes with Children

Young children running inside and outside of your home, trailing in all sorts of dirt are reasons to invest in professional cleaning. They traipse mud across your carpets, spread out or bounce around your sofas without taking off their shoes if you're unlucky.

Unsealed beakers can dribble and seep into the fabric. Crayons and markers without caps fixed on have their way of lying on your chairs and causing marks. The best way to deal with stains is to treat them as quickly as possible. 

 For Homes with Pets

Homeowners with pets, or multiple, may be searching for the best methods that will help remove dirt and malting hairs. Cats and dogs soil up your sofas, especially when they are partial to sleeping in the spaces for hours a day.

If your cats enjoy perching themselves up on your cushions or spread out on your furnishings, then it is likely the dirt from paws, hair, and their natural body oils will accumulate and dirty your upholstery. In this case, you must have your sofas and chairs cleaned every 6-12 months, ideally by professionals. 

Types of Upholstery Cleaning:

How Often Does Upholstery Need Cleaning?

Surface Cleaning

Much like how you treat your carpet, your upholstery should receive the same level of vacuuming. In doing so, you can ensure that it is free of crumbs, dust, allergens, and general dirt.

To maintain your upholstery and its appearance, you can complete routine surface cleaning. That way, you can ensure there isn't any visible dirt across your sofas, chairs and more. 

Deep Cleaning

If you're unsure of how often your upholstery should be cleaned, then there are a few factors to consider that will help you decipher. The first thing to think about is how often the upholstery is utilised by yourself, any pets or children. If it is frequently used by young children or pets, you'll find that furnishings become increasingly dirtier over a short period.

In this instance, deep cleaning is needed more regularly. The best DIY tasks involve spot cleaning and routine vacuuming. However, if you're searching for a more thorough job, contact professional upholstery cleaners in your area.

Deep Cleaning

Professional Upholstery Cleaning

01. Routine Cleaning

Suppose you're not choosing to invest in professional upholstery cleaning on a frequent basis, this is your choice. However, in the meantime, we recommend performing routine cleaning of all upholstered furniture as often as possible. For those with a little more time on their hands, you can opt to dust your upholstery each day, or at least every other day.

Doing this will actively reduce the amount of dust and dirt they accumulate. At least twice a week, we would encourage homeowners to vacuum clean their upholstered furniture.

Alternatively, if you find yourself too busy with pets, or small children, then the best option is to vacuum them once a week. Once a week is ideal, and you mustn't extend it, as you will over-exert yourself. Any stains you encounter must be immediately rid of, otherwise, it will become very stubborn to remove. There are plenty of techniques and products you can utilise to remove stubborn stains and the best way to tackle them is as quickly as possible. 

02. Deep Clean

Typically, experienced technicians at cleaning services are those that undertake deep cleaning. Especially, in commercial workspaces with multiple storeys and rooms. In this instance, you would need a professional clean at least once or twice a year. That way, you can achieve beautiful, gleaming results before important times of the year.

Or, if you intend to deep clean your home, then the best time to complete it is when you are dealing with foul odours, stubborn stains or other pollutants. Such will help provide the motivation to fumigate the whole house. If you decide to complete deep cleaning tasks on your own, you must ensure you have all the right skills and tools to do so, as upholstered furniture can be trickier to tackle. 

Deep Clean - How Often Does Upholstery Need Cleaning?

03. Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Whilst you can always perform this job yourself, there's no real alternative that will provide you with the same results. Professional cleaners will accurately help you to maintain the beauty of your furniture and grant it a much longer lifespan. Certified professionals utilise the most suitable cleaning products and high-quality, or more intricate tools to remove dust, bacteria, dirt, stains, and allergens. These can be difficult to remove without a fast response or routine cleaning processes. Many professionals in the cleaning business utilise methods such as steaming.

These combat deep-root cleaning jobs, or they use similar techniques. The heat gets underneath stains and bacteria, lifting them off your surfaces completely. Using help from professional cleaning services will mean you won't have to repetitively steam clean your upholstery. A deep clean can occur approximately once every three to six months. If you don't wish to invest in the assistance provided by professional upholstery cleaners on a regular basis, then we encourage you to invest at least once a year.

Another good opportunity to call up the experts will be if you've experienced a musty odour that won't go away, the wisest choice is a thorough deep clean. Finally, in the home or workplace, the inclusion of a deep clean every so often has never been more important. With the introduction of the COVID-19 pandemic in late 2019, it is even more vital to stay clean. We must ensure our surfaces, furnishings, and ourselves are well-cleaned and sanitised for the sake of our health and well-being. 

Are you looking for carpet and upholstery cleaning services in Caernarfon, Anglesey and Gwynedd? For more information on how to keep your office spaces cleaned or to hire a professional service, be sure to contact our team.