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How Often Should Windows Be Professionally Cleaned

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  • 06-03-2023
How Often Should Windows Be Professionally Cleaned

How often should windows be professionally cleaned? Anglesey Commercial Cleaning provide professional window cleaning services for Caernarfon, Anglesey and Gwynedd. This article asks how often should businesses windows be cleaned and shares tips for keeping windows clean.

How Often Should Windows Be Cleaned?

Window cleaning is a crucial element of every domestic and commercial cleaning regime. It offers us a crystal clear of the outdoors and lets adequate light into our homes and establishments, whether offices or restaurants. 

Any property owners of retail premises must keep on top of window cleaning so that customers and clients don't find themselves peering through or avoiding shops with dirty windows. 

Brightly shining clean windows can improve our mood, enhance the appearance of our homes and commercial properties and ensure that our glazing is free from collisions, grime, salt, debris and cracks. Contact your local window and gutter cleaning businesses today to compare costs and find the most suitable for the job. 

Does A Clean Office Increase Productivity?

Tips for Keeping Windows Clean

It's best to have your windows cleaned as often as your budget allows, especially the nooks and crannies of the seals and frames, where dust and mould can settle and build up over time. 

We also recommend investing in quality screens that enable you to prevent pollen, pests and dirt from obstructing the appearance and structural integrity of your windows by transferring residue. 

Maintaining your windows through regular professional window cleaning services is cost-effective and can ensure they are free of stains from hard water, raindrops or other inclement weather conditions.

A two-step window-washing process

With a non-professional two-step window-washing process, you can successfully keep your windows gleaming and spotless for much longer. 

You want to begin with a towel or dry cloth; this will remove the excess debris and dust from the glass so that you don't end up trailing it across the window with a wet cloth. After using your dry cloth, you can spray your window glass with a high-quality window cleaner product and wipe it dry with a wet mop, towel or squeegee with water from a filled bucket; this will prevent drips from drying as they fall on the glass and create unpleasant stains. 

Professional glass cleaning is an excellent solution, as their process may involve ladders, more steps and products, such as a rain-repellent treatment that can help your glazing stretch the time before the next wash. You can save money on extra products and equipment tools by purchasing their services.

Regularly maintaining clean windows 

You can effectively improve your household's energy efficiency and consumption with more frequent cleans, which can support the environment and help lower your bills. 

You can prevent stains that form cracks in the framing; however, another reason why cleaning is vital is so that pests and birds can see your window screens and avoid collisions. 

With thorough cleaning that leaves your glazing glass gleaming, you can protect your windows and the surrounding wildlife and trees; you can also add decals, UV-reflecting glass tapes and liquid treatments to prevent collisions. Such products don't reduce the clarity or shine of your windows, making them an ideal, economical addition to your window panes to decrease the likelihood of window breakage.

How often should my home windows be cleaned?

How Often Should Windows Be Professionally Cleaned? Window Cleaning Services Caernarfon, Anglesey and Gwynedd

It may sound small and insignificant, but clean windows can affect our well-being more than you may believe. 

The difference that a clean window can make is enormous, as it can allow us to glare through crystal clear glass and view a pleasant summer sky punctuated with birds in flight and tree branches swaying in the breeze; the sight can improve our mood. 

Instead of staring aimlessly at a dirt and dust-coated pane of glass with some bird mess that obscures any scenery or makes your home appear dark and muggy, it's best to invest in regular window washing.

Contact your local professional cleaners with your address and personal preferences, and they will schedule regular cleans according to your requirements. 

Many domestic properties often have their windows cleaned every 2 weeks; that way, you can ensure your windows achieve a perfect, clear view more frequently, which is an important factor for those that want to uphold their kerb appeal. 

You must consider your location to inform how often it is performed, as those living beside or on a busy main road may require their windows to be cleaned regularly due to the debris and dust in the air from cars and bypassers. On the other hand, if you are situated in the countryside, and your home is away from all the free-flowing traffic, you might only need your residential windows done sometimes. 

Suppose you live in a block of flats that are exceptionally high; typically, landlords of such buildings favour having the lower windows cleaned more regularly as those are the ones most visible to those below. It is also down to the fact that the ground-level traffic often curates lots of dirt that is more likely to land on the lower windows. 

A window's greatest enemy, especially in the height of summer, are birds, as they can make it incredibly challenging to keep your windows clean, and the ever-rising heat only serves to emphasise the issue. 

Suppose you also consider clean windows essential to your home's appearance. In that case, we highly recommend ensuring that you hire professionals to clean your windows at least once every two weeks in the spring and summer and once or twice every month in the autumn and winter. 

Even if clean windows aren't an aspect of maintenance that you prioritise for your domestic home, we would still recommend hiring professional window cleaners to complete cleaning services at least once a month to keep your windows free of bird droppings, dirt and debris. 

Window cleaning also helps maintain the lifespan of your glazing, as your frames and seals will stay intact. A lack of frequent cleaning can cause your seals and frames to become stained, leading to the material drying out and cracks appearing that can cause various issues down the line. 

How often should my business's windows be cleaned? Caernarfon, Anglesey and Gwynedd

How often should my business's windows be cleaned?

Clean windows are essential for any building; however, cleanliness is even more crucial to those running public establishments, such as cafes, takeaways and restaurants. 

Window cleaning should be high on any commercial premises' priority list when considering regular maintenance, as the appearance of your building will draw in new customers and future employees. Not only are aesthetic value and first impression significant, but you'll find that when your business begins picking up, the local authorities will visit and judge every inch of your property to decide its overall hygiene rating. 

To offer assistance with roughly how often you or local window cleaning professionals should clean your business building windows, we have compiled a list that displays the minimum amount for each sector and trade type.

These approximations include the following:

Retail Shops
Once a week
Food Outlets
Once a week (at least)
Once a week (at least)
Pubs & Bars
Every 2 weeks
Car Dealerships
Every 2 weeks
Nursing Homes
Every 4 weeks (at least)
Office-Based Business
Every 4 weeks
Industrial Sites
Every 4 weeks
Every 4 weeks (If there are restaurant areas, these must be cleaned more regularly
Schools & Colleges
Every 3 months
Every 6 months

Are you looking for office window cleaning services in Caernarfon, Anglesey and Gwynedd? For more information on how to keep your office spaces cleaned or to hire a professional service, be sure to contact our team.