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What Does An End Of Tenancy Clean Include

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  • 09-05-2022
What Does An End Of Tenancy Clean Include

What does an end of tenancy clean include? If you are a landlord or tenant, you will require a professional cleaning service for when your rental period ends. 

A professional cleaning company may provide homeowners with an end of tenancy cleaning service, but what does this cleaning process offer compared to traditional cleaning? We answer that question in this article today.

What is 'end of tenancy' cleaning?

Although typically performed at rental properties, these cleaning services can happen anywhere when someone moves out of their property.  

As part of the tenancy agreements, the tenants must complete the entire house cleaning, leaving it as they found it when they once moved in.  

New tenants expect a clean house to move into, so the end of tenancy cleaning is typically more in-depth than regular domestic cleaning and is more akin to deep cleaning.

Landlords will typically enforce you receive a professional clean prior to moving out; otherwise, you may not receive your entire deposit back. There are cleaning companies with experience cleaning a rental property to the best standards, so many people choose professional cleaners instead of doing it DIY.

Tenants will typically bring in a professional cleaning company to complete the job as more is expected compared to regular cleaning.  

An end of tenancy cleaning team will stay until the job is finished, deep cleaning inside kitchen cupboards and wiping furniture, dusting skirting boards and providing carpet cleaning for those stains that have accumulated over the years.

You should have been made aware of this responsibility when your tenancy began, with your estate agent and tenancy agreement making it clear.  

For your security deposit to be returned with no deposit disputes, you should always ensure a thorough clean is done at the property when you move out.

Do You Have To Professionally Clean At End Of Tenancy?

What's included in an End of Tenancy Clean?

Seeing as an end of tenancy cleaning job involves a top to bottom clean of the property, your local cleaners may not be equipped to ensure you receive a total security deposit return.  To ensure your cleaning needs are met, always use a professional end of cleaning service team capable of a deep clean.

The following services should be included in an end of tenancy cleaning service:

Upholstery cleaning  

Mopping floors 

Clean windows, window frames and window sills

Clean underneath cupboards and furniture 

Clean inside and outside of washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers

Dust door frames, light fittings, light switches and wall tiles

Disinfect inside cupboards, microwave, fridges, hobs, and ovens

Descale all bathroom areas, baths, shower basins, taps and fittings

Moving large appliances and furniture to clean underneath them. 

Of course, your individual requirements and inventory will vary from any other customer, so you can discuss with your cleaning team what is the priority.  

There may be more areas that need deep cleaning across the house than are listed above, but that is to be discussed with landlords and estate agents. Your rental agreement may cover more information, so always check when you have a query, as you may have missed a vital part.

Can landlords charge a cleaning fee?

If you fail to get the property professionally cleaned, returning it as close to the same condition as you once found it, you may lose some cleaning costs from your property deposits.  

It is expected for a house to experience grease and grime over time, which is why normal cleaning tasks are up to you - but you should make the property feel like a new house when the next tenant moves in.

Landlords do have to cover their backs when it comes to dirty tenants and keeping their property up-to-scratch. Pest infestations and harmful mould are two recurring problems for dirty properties caused when tenants do not regularly clean their homes.

In short, a landlord can and will use your security deposit to pay for the time and effort spent cleaning the house after you move out. In extreme cases, landlords have taken tenants to court to cover additional cleaning costs when it was left uninhabitable.

Do I have to pay for professional cleaning at the end of my tenancy?

Unless your letting agent and landlord have established specific requirements, you can complete the cleaning duties yourself.  

A professional end of tenancy cleaning service is not essential but can make quick work of mould and grime, ensuring your carpets, curtains and upholstery are deep cleaned.  

If you are comfortable vacuuming all surfaces and ensuring your doors and walls are clean, most landlords will see no issue with this. However, some will want to see a cleaning receipt from a professional company to ensure their level of cleanliness has been met.

You are expected to fund the payment of these professional services, though. A landlord (unless told otherwise) will not pay for the cleaning.  

If you choose to carry out some cleaning yourself, you can save money by working with a cleaning team.  

The cost to hire a team varies depending on the scale of the job and your location in the country, but you are benefitting from their equipment and experience when restoring the property to the original condition it was.

Does End of Tenancy Clean Have to be Done by Professionals?

There is only so much you can complete yourself, with a professional cleaning company taking it to the next stage. Upholstery cleaning is something most of us are not equipped to finish to a high standard unless you have a steam cleaner.

End of tenancy cleaning teams can steam clean and shampoo your carpets, bringing new life to them after years of being worn down. This is one of the key services a professional team offers to make your home look brand new - ensuring the landlord and new tenants are happy when they move in.

Another reason you may choose to use a professional service is to save time, as your property may be too large for you to clean yourself (especially to the high standards expected).  You must clean the bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, walls, floors, furniture, toilets and other fixtures and ensure no rubbish is left behind. 

If you require professional end of tenancy cleaning, don't hesitate to contact our team for a quote and assistance. We offer professional cleaning throughout  Caernarfon, Anglesey and Gwynedd.