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What Does Office Cleaning Consist Of

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What Does Office Cleaning Consist Of

Have you considered what exactly does office cleaning consist of? We look at what rooms are cleaned in an office and the main tasks of a commercial cleaner in an office.

The Scope of Commercial Cleaning

The scope of commercial cleaning is far broader than you may assume; various fields, occupations, and industries need their establishment buildings seen with a cloth and mop on the regular. 

Many companies will include general cleaning and routine cleaning. Such entails the cleaning, polishing and dusting of tiles, internal walls, partition walls, floors, furniture, window cleaning, industrial carpet cleaning, suspended ceilings, lighting, dining and kitchen areas and many more.

How Often Do I Need A Commercial Cleaner?

There are a whole host of benefits that a company can reap from hiring the equipment and accuracy of professional commercial cleaning requirements for a cost-effective, bespoke service that is specifically catered to you and your client's liking and fits your budget. Contact local commercial cleaning services today for a free quote or to begin basic plans on your cleaning requirements.

With all the different business sectors in mind, a commercial cleaning company can't operate each with a standardised cleaning schedule.  For example, cleaners will tailor their cleaning techniques and tasks to suit and maintain the following working environments: 

School Cleaning

Gym Cleaning

Veterinary Cleaning

Office Cleaning

Retirement Living Cleaning

Restaurant or Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Cleaning companies across the UK have various equipment, washing facilities, chemicals, risk assessments, method statements and skills to complete a job.

What Your Office Cleaners Should Do

Your cleaners will complete general and routine deep cleaning throughout your office that considers the main tasks, alongside tasks that need completing every week or a few times a month. These aspects of cleaning include:

Daily Cleaning

Daily cleaning in an office environment includes a variety of rooms all across your building, no matter how big or small.

However, it's essential to keep the front desks and reception area alongside individual desks or offices, if you have one, inviting, bright and clean.

Each individual requires a clean working space and a well-organised environment to stay productive.

Brand new employees, inspectors or those on business visits need to walk into your space and be impressed by the hygiene standard and clean offices.

What Does Office Cleaning Consist Of?

Your professional cleaners will complete the following reception area and office space cleaning tasks:

Any bin liners are replaced where necessary, and waste receptacles are washed and emptied.

All mats by the front door, carpets and hard floors are vacuumed. Hard floors are then thoroughly mopped by cleaners using a spray disinfectant.

All chairs, tables, desks and furniture are wiped with damp cloths, wipes or disinfectant and then dusted.

Cobwebs are removed surrounding the doors, door handles or wall corners of the front entry and surrounding areas.

All garbage is collected around the front entrance, desks or seating areas, including bottles, papers, wrappers, etc.

Cleaners will remove any light switches and door frames to remove any potential dirty marks or fingerprints.

Any internal glass and automatic glass doors are wiped on the inside and out.

Doors and cabinets in the offices or main reception area are polished.

Walls or painted horizontal surfaces are spots cleaned in case of smears or smudges.

Kitchen, Breakroom & Washroom

Cleaned and sanitised washrooms are paramount in any working establishment or environment, and with the introduction of COVID-19, sanitation is even more significant than before. As staff and cleaners, we must do all we can to reduce the risk of spreading harmful germs and bacteria. The rule applies in all your office rooms, including the break rooms or kitchen, when plenty of your employees will congregate and eat.

It's vital that these spaces are sanitary and clean as often as possible after hours and throughout the working day, even if many of your staff don't complete any food preparation there.

Cleaners will complete the following tasks in your kitchens, break rooms and bathrooms: 

Your current cleaning company staff will restock toilet tissue or facial tissues and hand soap and change any existing hand towels.

All waste receptacles will be emptied and wiped down, and bin liners replaced when necessary.

Mirrors and tops of mirrors will be polished and cleaned. They will remove all visible stains or splash marks around bathroom basins.

Hand dryers and towel dispensers are wiped down thoroughly.

Doors and window sills are wiped to rid of any prints and dust. 

They will sanitise and thoroughly clean the basins, polishing all brightwork and brass.

All frames and partitions are thoroughly dusted.

The kitchen and restroom floors will be mopped clean and disinfected, removing any garbage from these areas.

All hard floors will be mopped and vacuumed.

Cleaners will ensure your elevators and any stairs and bannisters are mopped and wiped down. Typically, mopping is one of the last jobs for health and safety purposes so that no lingering staff can slip and injure themselves.

Toilets and urinals are cleaned and disinfected thoroughly at intervals or the end of the day.

What Rooms Are Cleaned in an Office?

It may be confusing if you are unsure of the rooms your cleaner will complete. However, most high-quality commercial cleaners provide extraordinary service that ensures all rooms are bottomed frequently unless you request that specific office rooms be left unattended.

Generally, many commercial cleaners cover a wide range of establishment locations, including but not limited to:

Open plan office areas

Management office spaces


Meeting rooms

Work/desk areas




Windows and glass

Office kitchens

Main Tasks of a Commercial Cleaner in an Office?

There are plenty of cleaning jobs they must complete during the few hours professionals, and cleaning teams are given, a few of which are specific to the company and the individual staff. However, there are always main essential tasks that commercial cleaners tackle first:

Emptying bins

One of the first tasks of the cleaning job in any establishment is to empty all office bins, especially in the kitchen and those beside individual desks. 

Whilst doing so, your cleaners will likely pick up any rubbish they identify on the ground or top of desks. It also allows them to assess the desk area and detect other tasks they need to complete; for example, if they notice any glass smudges, mug rings or coffee spills, they can rid them when wiping down.

They are responsible for changing bin liners when they get full or if they are too dirty to continue using. For sustainability reasons, bin liners aren't permanently changed, and they do their best to avoid using plastic bags as much as possible.

Wiping down desks and surfaces

When your cleaner has successfully emptied all the bins on-site, they will begin wiping down all hard surfaces and desks with a pre-moistened, green microfibre cloth. Unless you specifically asked for books or paperwork to be tidied aside or away, when wiping down the desks, your cleaners will avoid moving any crucial documents or necessary stationery you might've been using.

Wiping down desks and surfaces - What Does Office Cleaning Consist Of?

You and your staff likely have things in places that make the most sense to them, and moving things around without permission can be challenging and frustrating for your team. If they do move things, they usually tidy any papers in a neat pile on the side of your desk whilst they wipe it down and put it back neatly so you can find them again.

Typically, our cleaners will dust your computer screens but never clean or wipe them down unless your company has supplied adequate screen wipes for your devices. Due to the nature of the OLED and LED properties in your laptops or computer monitors, we strive not to damage your equipment by cleaning them or doing so with the wrong products.

Cleaners on-site will usually wipe down telephones as they carry plenty of bacteria and germs from one person to the next; however, cleaners strive not to pick up the handset unless specifically requested, perhaps in circumstances where several people use the same phone a day. They don't want to dial a number and call someone accidentally. If you want your phones cleaned more precisely, please request it in your office requirements. 


Professional cleaners tend to spot vacuums in a particularly large office buildings. Such tasks entail vacuuming only the visibly dirty workspace areas; otherwise, the job would be too time-consuming, and other jobs may not get completed. 

You want to hyper-focus on the spaces with plenty of high traffic and do these each time; low-traffic areas get completed on a schedule. At least once a week, your offices will receive a thorough vacuum.

On the other hand, in a small office of at least 100-300 square metres, vacuuming is a tad different. During every cleaning job, cleaners will vacuum each room of a small office building at the end of the day. Such is down to the level of foot traffic, which will typically be more concentrated and therefore requires more attention.


One of the last extremely important jobs to complete is mopping the floor; sometimes, cleaners tend to mop themselves out of a room after a final check. Your cleaners must know to mop from along every edge and corner to ensure they are thorough.

It is standard that any professional cleaning company has a host of high-quality mops, including microfibre flat mop cloths and covers that allow them to change old and dirty mops for washing or replacing. Some may utilise an i-mop that assists them in scrubbing the main floors and the centres before using a flat mop to go along the edges.

Final check

One of the final things that cleaners do before they finish the job of cleaning your office is a thorough final check. The final check is the last patrol, typically with a clean, damp cloth in hand to ensure the doors, desks, kitchen counters and any dining tables are given a last wiping down. During the final check, your cleaners will check that all doors are locked shut after dressing each board or meeting room.

Most commercial cleaners in professional companies or services will have been trained to dress each room appropriately. To dress a room means to straighten it up and ensure it is neat and tidy ready for the following day or week ahead. They will correctly push all chairs into desks and perform the final organisation of furnishings.

The last check on a site enables your staff or clients to come into your meeting or boardrooms the following day and know they don't have to spend time away from their job clearing away rubbish or mess.

How Can I Tell My Cleaner is Cleaning My Office Correctly?

Whilst it may seem simple task; office cleaning can be challenging.  Cleaners complete a whole host of tasks, including mopping, vacuuming and wiping down; however, there are plenty more jobs to be done that are essential to ensuring your office is neat and cleanly.

To assure that your hired cleaners are correctly cleaning your work property and spaces, you want to check that they are fully trained to do so with plenty of experience.

Good pay and plenty of workplace support encourage a great deal of good, efficient cleaning. It is paramount that they provide all the services and specific requirements you desire. For example, if you would like them to tidy your desk after work by wiping it down and organising your stationery, cleaning underneath documents, laptops, wiring, and emptying bins. Each professional office cleaning service tends to tailor its schedule to the required aspects.

Are you looking for office cleaning services in Caernarfon, Anglesey and Gwynedd? For more information on how to keep your office spaces cleaned or to hire a professional service, be sure to contact our team.