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What Is Included In Deep House Cleaning

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  • 20-05-2022
What Is Included In Deep House Cleaning

What is included in a deep house cleaning? We look at what you can expect from a professional cleaning company which is employed to deep clean your home or office.

There are several instances where hiring professional cleaners to deep clean your house would be beneficial, but before you agree to such a service, you should know how it differs from regular or spring cleaning.

Deep Cleaning Basics

Deep cleaning services generally go one step further than standard cleaning, with cleaning companies going the extra mile to ensure your domestic or commercial property is spotless.  Deep house cleaning is designed to remove all dirt, gunk, grime and soap scum from your property - sanitising surfaces and disinfecting rooms from harmful germs and bacteria. 

If you are wondering what is included in a deep house cleaning service, it generally falls down to what you're looking for. You can hire a cleaning company to clean your entire home on a weekly basis or focus their efforts on one room.


A deep cleaning checklist of your bathroom will typically involve cleaning and dusting all surfaces and fixtures. 

This can involve light fixtures and window sills along with the shower, toilet, bathtub and mirror. These services are, of course, included in many basic cleaning tasks, but deep cleaning takes it one step further.

When you hire a deep cleaning company to complete deep cleaning tasks, you can expect the services to include: 

Deep cleaning baseboards

Door frame deep clean 

Disinfect doorknobs 

Scrub grout 

Wash countertops

Remove limescale and soap scum from fixtures

Deep clean shower curtains, shower doors and various crevices

Clean shower head 

Clean toothbrush holders

Unclogging drains

Polish soap dish

There are many more services you can ask for from a cleaning company, and the extent of their work is affected by what you ask of them.  

A glass shower door can be washed and cleaned, bringing back shine and clarity. Professional cleaners can scrub floors and leave your bathroom looking sparkling.

The bathroom is one area that gets missed from many regular cleaning services, especially to this extent.  

Many germs can form and breed in damp and warm bathrooms from gastrointestinal viruses, athlete's foot and staph bacteria. Of course, food from bacteria like salmonella and E.coli can also get into such rooms - showing the importance of deep house cleaning services for you and your family.


Your typical domestic cleaning services will cover the kitchen area but not to the same extent as a deep clean. It is beyond important that the kitchen is cleaned regularly as this is where food and eating periodically happens.

Why is Kitchen Deep Cleaning Important?

Food carries harmful bacteria across your countertops and floor, along with handles on fridges and cupboards. A cleaning team capable of deep cleans can ensure the following services are provided:

Cleaning inside and outside cabinets 

Disinfect small appliances under and beneath

Deep clean interior appliances - oven, microwave and refrigerators

Clean grouting on countertops and backsplashes

Deep clean refrigerator coils 

Organising inside cabinets and drawers

Specialised oven cleaning 

Window cleaning

Pan washing

Disinfect light switches and clean light fixtures

Dust and clean washing machines

As with the bathroom, there are more things you can ask your cleaning company team to complete.  

House cleaners will go the extra mile to ensure all visible and hidden surfaces and cabinets are deep cleaned to the quality level you expect. They will dust ceiling fans and wash light globes along with door frames...the list is endless. Your kitchen appliances will quickly become clogged and covered with food and grease as you use them.

General Spaces

You can also expect a deep cleaning service to go beyond a spring cleaning and bring your public spaces in the home back to life.  

Whether you like it or not, your home spaces will become dusty and dirty over time, which is why you require a fantastic job to be done occasionally. If you're looking for a fresh start across your home, you can expect a deep cleaning service to provide:

Carpet cleaning  

Remove scuff marks

Cleaning floors 

Dust baseboards 

Wash pillows

Dust picture frames

Disinfect remote controls

Dust electronics 

Clean patio doors and door frames

Clean walls

Clean window tracks 

General damage repair

All the corners in your living spaces will be covered by the team, removing deep grime from your home.  

You can expect a clean floor and wall corners to be covered and finer details like clean lights and doorknobs. Such teams are also equipped to move furniture without injuring themselves, meaning you're not putting yourself at risk.

When to Get a Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is not a regular thing, instead should be treated as an occasional service to make your domestic or commercial premises sparkle.  

As we will cover later, perhaps you're looking for a deep cleaning service for your end of tenancy cleaning period, which is extremely common. As previous owners, you want to leave the property looking as clean as possible.

You may also schedule a deep clean for when you are moving into a new home, meaning you can have a fresh start for the new property. 

It's entirely possible the previous owners did not cover all the finer details, and you can rest assured you have clean windows, skirting boards, window frames, polished kitchen sinks, and all appliances have been dusted. Cleaning teams are designed to make it as easy as possible, meaning you don't have to worry about anything. 

Ultimately, you can hire a deep cleaning service whenever you deem fit, and you can feel confident knowing your home is getting the best treatment possible. This can become a service you receive on a regular basis, focusing on areas like vent covers, kitchen tiles and inside ovens that you don't have the time or resources for in your standard cleaning.

If your property isn't looking as good as you'd like and you want a clean start, perhaps it's time to invest in deep cleaning. You will be able to see the difference almost immediately.

Deep Cleaning For End Of Tenancy

If you are moving out of your property, you are expected to leave the premises in a clean state. 

Tenancy disputes (when renting from a landlord) typically come from the level of cleanliness. You are obliged by the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) to clean the property, or you may not receive most of the deposit money back.

As the standard will be incredibly high and your deposit is on the line, you would be wise to hire a professional cleaning company. While you may be able to hoover the carpet area and throw away any waste, you may not have the time or effort to focus on other more minor details.

Some landlords require you to dust lamps and dust edges of a room, ensuring small appliances are cleaned and functional. All wall hangings must be removed and patched up, with work surfaces and inside cabinets wiped down and polished.

If cleaning your entire home sounds like too much work, yet you want to leave the property clean inside, you will benefit from a deep cleaning service. Moving house is stressful enough, and they can focus on the cleaning part for you.

Deep cleaning covers areas you may miss, meaning the new owners and landlord are both happy with your departure, and you receive your deposit with no disputes. While you may do a great job DIY, hiring a professional team gives you time to relax.

If you are looking for landlord or a tenant deep cleaning services throughout Caernarfon, Anglesey and Gwynedd contact our professional cleaning service today.