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Whats Included In School Cleaning Services

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  • 23-01-2023
Whats Included In School Cleaning Services

Have you questioned: What's included in school cleaning services? This article looks at school cleaning services and what school cleaning include. We offer School Cleaning Services Caernarfon, Anglesey and Gwynedd. Find out what to expect from school cleaning services.

A Deep Cleaning For Your School

Hiring a deep commercial cleaning team to thoroughly and regularly clean and tidy your school, college, or university is an excellent way to ensure that your property is in top condition all year round, providing numerous benefits.

All deep cleaning and hygiene management services are specifically suited to your school environment and all hard and soft furnishings needs. Contact your local cleaning services to get in touch today for a free quote and professional cleaning on a one-off or frequent basis. 

How Often Do I Need A Commercial Cleaner?

What is cleaned in the school?

The scale and level of deep cleaning that your school, college or university buildings may require will differ from others depending on several factors. 

Some of these factors include the number of students and staff members, the number and complexity of the equipment inside classrooms or labs, the amount of toilets and floors on the property, etc. However, there is usually a general list of what businesses offering bespoke packages for professional cleaning usually entails.

For example, vacuuming and the occasional shampooing of all carpets across classrooms, staff rooms and corridors. Parquet floors will be stripped and polished. The team will mop all hard floors thoroughly to remove any spillage and dirt contamination. Your cleaners will remove the chewing gum from underneath desks and chairs.

Whats Included In School Cleaning Services?

They will give the school kitchen, canteen and toilets a deep clean. Any soft furnishings like curtains, pillows or soft chairs will be steam cleaned to free them from contamination. All sports hall and corridor floors will be cleaned and polished. A consistent service means cleaners will clean keyboards, desks, monitors and other essential equipment inside offices and classrooms.

Regardless of whether you're dealing with a small local school or a large school premises, or a campus with various buildings and numerous learning rooms, cleaning arrangements and maintenance services are typically tailored to your requirements. Every school or college premises deserves to be a safe and hygienic space so students can focus on studying and become too sick to attend class, events or crucial exams. 

When looking to hire a team of professional specialists from a school cleaning company, it can be confusing as to what kind of cleaning they provide and what areas of your school or educational property they will take care of. These full-range cleaning services typically involve the cleaning of the following:

Staff Rooms and Offices

Lecture Auditoriums, Seminar rooms and Classrooms

Reception Desks

Assembly Halls, Sports Halls, Gyms

Theatres and Studios


Toilets and Staff Toilets

Cafeterias and Dining Halls

Science Labs and Art Studios


School Cleaning Services

You'll find various professional cleaning companies in your area that will complete deep cleans of primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities and numerous other educational bodies regardless of size. Educational settings require some of the highest standards of cleaning performed by reliable, trustworthy cleaners with plenty of experience and training with high-quality tools. Each school, university or college has different cleaning requirements due to their size and structural population.

Therefore, it is paramount that owners work closely with the cleaning team to curate a sensible plan that allows every member to cover all floors and areas across the campus at the most suitable times of the school day. Child protection is of paramount importance when bringing in a suitable team of quality cleaners for any nursery or school cleaning process.

For this reason, you'll discover that all creditable cleaning companies ensure their staff are police-checked for any criminal records with adequate, updated DBS-checked certificates for security purposes, as this demonstrates that they are safe to bring into a healthy environment.

All school cleaners onboard are typically COVID tested on the regular at the start of the day or week, and they are encouraged to have updated vaccinations to protect the children, staff and any visitors. After the holidays or half-terms, it's always a wise idea to revitalise your property with access to a deep clean before everyone arrives back, so you must schedule this as it is a big task for a small number of people to carry out. 

School Cleaning Includes:

Thorough deep cleans are a hugely beneficial form of upkeep for primary schools, secondary schools, and other educational environments. Such cleaning tasks can help protect the health of your teachers and students, encouraging them to arrive to class and be in attendance, ready to learn or teach.

A frequent deep clean that revitalises your carpets, hard floors, doors and windows, and keeps them in good condition, will help you save time and money that you would lose out on should you have to replace these features and equipment.

Properties used for education sectors and purposes are hectic, busy environments with numerous students and staff bounding up and down the stairs and trudging footballs and other sports equipment from outside to spread dirt and debris across walls and surfaces.

School Cleaning Includes

On the other hand, the mess can also occur within the walls of classrooms, workshops and labs where activities like cooking, woodwork or science can result in dust, dirt and spillage. Cleaning schedules are individual to each environment, and the schedules you can expect to be presented with include:

Regular cleaning during the school term

End-of-term school deep cleaning

End of school year deep cleaning

Communal area cleaning

Sanitisation and Antiviral disinfection

Why School Professional Cleaning Services Are Important

It's paramount that schools are kept clean and maintained for the safety of all teachers, students and visitors. Young people, especially, tend to be super-spreaders of common viruses. A member of the local authority, figures of OFSTED and the DfE also look closely at the condition of educational premises to assess the school premises regulations and how up-to-standard they are. In the same way that a restaurant may face fines or threats of having to close down after dirt, debris or even rodents were found, schools, colleges and universities could also suffer the same fate should their property be hygienic or lack cleanliness.

However, cleaning all environments where large numbers of people gather, young and old, has never been more vital since the outbreak of COVID-19. Cleaning has come under severe scrutiny, and more and more measures have been implemented into ordinary deep-cleaning services to prevent the risk of spreading the virus further. Professional cleaners have always been a significant aspect of the overall condition of any educational building.

Yet, now they are more essential than ever to rid walls, floors, carpets, desks, chairs, door handles, etc., of any dust, debris or harmful bacteria.You must know that school cleaning occurs throughout the day, not just before or after the students and staff arrive or go home. A talented team of high-quality service cleaners usually completes such cleaning with all the right tools, equipment facilities and cleaning products to perform the job to a high standard. During the day, school cleaning often entails much lighter tasks, like emptying waste bins and tidying books and tables.

The consensus is to avoid mopping unless it's an emergency; otherwise, staff or students could slip, and avoid wiping down large windows and doors as it may cause a disturbance in classrooms or corridors. You'll find that teachers are so busy throughout the day that their daily tasks take up the time they may have to clean or tidy, so they leave such jobs to the professionals. Ensuring your staff are consistent in who tidies and cleans what part of your property is better known as COVID-19 decontamination, and this ensures bacteria is less likely to spread from one person to another. 

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