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Why is Kitchen Deep Cleaning Important

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  • 27-07-2021
Why is Kitchen Deep Cleaning Important

Do you want to find out why is kitchen deep cleaning important? We look at commercial cleaning options and why it is required to keep kitchens professionally cleaned.

Why is commercial kitchen deep cleaning necessary?

Commercial kitchen cleaning is a thorough deep cleaning process for any catering or hospitality establishment in the industry involving the intense removal of grease build-up, fat and burnt carbon deposits, etc., alongside other vital areas like the walls, floors and even the ceiling to get rid of any stickiness or grime.

You may ask yourself why this service could be beneficial to my establishment or business? You may wonder if cleaning all your grease extract systems, such as grease traps, would be or is a legal requirement?

What Is Included In Deep House Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning for your kitchen and all its extraction systems is crucial for complying with all the necessary health and safety regulations. It is best for you and your staff team to work in a clean environment. It reduces any risks of dangerous bacterial contamination in the air and can benefit your productivity massively.

It is also best for your potential customers for you to have a clean, healthy kitchen. They can receive food that has been cooked or baked in a thoroughly clean space, and this way, the quality of the food will increase. You don't want to risk your kitchen emitting foul odours or your plates and cutlery having stain marks as it will likely put customers off eating, and you will lose business. If you receive poor hygiene ratings from inspectors, it could put your team of staff and general position as a company in jeopardy.

Why is commercial kitchen deep cleaning necessary? Caernarfon, Anglesey and Gwynedd

Ensure that all areas are cleaned well and regularly. If you feel you need assistance with deep cleaning or with emptying grease traps, search for and contact a trusted, local industrial cleaning service to help you. 

They may also acquire and be able to provide the equipment better fit for hard to reach areas. There are multiple websites out there to find a service company that's suited to you; all you have to do is call the phone number and schedule an appointment. 

You will be expected to pay a good amount for these services; however, it's worth it to have commercial kitchens that are spick and span. Some companies may adhere to your budget so that you're completely covered.

What are the legal requirements surrounding kitchen extractions? 

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 is a health and safety law that insists those employers responsible for any workplace must carry out numerous risk assessments on your premises, including a fire risk assessment.   

It is also vital you give consent to have all your grease extraction systems inspected to take action and minimise the risk of contamination and blockages in the drainage and water systems that could also emit dangerous toxic fumes and foul smells if not tended to. 

In doing these kitchen extractions, you can ensure the safety of your establishments occupants, whether they are employees or customers.   

Problems with unclean commercial kitchens      

Numerous risk factors could occur if you refuse to clean all your kitchen and kitchen extracts. Without giving your commercial kitchen a deep clean, your kitchen will be at risk of bacteria contamination, grease build-up and poor hygiene ratings from professional inspectors, putting your business at risk.   

Unclean kitchens could decrease the overall food quality, and your customers will not recommend your establishment or catering to others.  

 Grease traps and other grease extraction systems require regular cleaning and routine emptying, especially if you are a smaller restaurant or kitchen that garners plenty of customers to fill it much quicker.   

What are the legal requirements surrounding kitchen extractions?

At the end of each day, all of your counters, cutlery, and hob tops need cleaning; however, it is so crucial to get your kitchen deep cleaned at least twice, thoroughly, a year. 

Depending on how often you use your kitchen a day, you will often decipher how often you need to receive a thorough deep cleaning. You can do a deep clean yourself, or you could contact an industrial cleaning service and hire them out to perform all necessary cleaning jobs before an inspection is carried out.

Professional cleaning experts are trained to the highest quality of cleaning standards. Once the deep clean is completed, your establishment will receive a certificate. You can display it in your kitchen, office, or out in the front for customers and insurance companies to see as a testament to your businesses' hygiene.     

Benefits of Deep Cleaning A Commercial Kitchen

Maintain Food and Safety Regulations

Deep cleaning will ensure you maintain and comply with food and safety regulations. Insurance companies and other food inspection authorities will actively seek out the most hygienic to offer the highest ratings and place your business in a comfortable position to stay running.

Benefits of Deep Cleaning A Commercial Kitchen - Caernarfon, Anglesey and Gwynedd

Improved Working Conditions

You can ensure a healthier and safer environment for your employees with a professional cleaning service deep clean. An always thoroughly clean commercial kitchen allows your workers to carefully and efficiently ensure basic food hygiene. You can also work far more productively in a more pristine, uncluttered space, which is another excellent benefit, especially on a busy day.

Reduce Food Borne Diseases

Cleaning your surfaces, machines and any equipment you use to prepare your food must be cleaned thoroughly to prevent foodborne illness and diseases. Foodborne illnesses spreading across your business can be a significant issue for your environment and could risk your job if a large number of your customers consistently leave negative reviews. Clean your commercial kitchen routinely to reduce the spread of germs.   

Better Hygiene

Deep cleans allow you and your employees to better control the level of hygiene in your commercial kitchen. Routine deep cleaning whenever possible will decrease any risk of cross-contamination and prevent the spread of bacteria around your food.

Reduce the Risk of Pests

When you practice a high standard of cleanliness in your commercial kitchen, you can effectively prevent the risk of pests. To ensure you avoid pest infestation, deep clean your kitchen every 6-8 weeks, as pests like to live in dirty spaces; they are attracted to grime and grease.   

If you need professional kitchen deep cleaning in Caernarfon, Anglesey or Gwynedd, you can find out more about our commercial cleaning services by following the link below.